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by molly - Mar 2, 2018

Why did u want to love us humans as your own children? Hope you can answer my question and thanks for watching out for me loves you


GOD - So Jesus could have a family.


by Scott - Feb 27, 2018

Hello God, I have had one craptacular week. My wife left because I was't "empathic" enough to understand her daily struggle with her degenerative disc disease and her fibromyalgia. Yet hear I sit going blind from my immune system eating my retinas like they are playing Pac Man. And for the cherry on top we had to euthanize one of our cats which is still a raw painful wound. So here I sit alone in this crummy apt. that my wife exiled me to. Please tell me that this will all blow over sooner than later and I can go home again to my wife. I guess not being a stoner now days is some mark of shame since I don't bother with the stuff but my wife,her 27 year old son who still lives at home with no job and his girlfriend all could be in a Cheech and Chong movie. I've done all that I can God now I'm hoping that you have an idea cooking on how to fix this. O would you tell one of your short funny stories just to let me know humor still exists and all is not lost. Yhans God.


GOD - Change happens Scott. Remain prayerful and faithful.


by Casper - Feb 26, 2018

How do I serve you right now? What do you want me to do?


GOD - Watch - Pray - Work.


by Julian - Feb 25, 2018

I am still waiting for answer so do I believe or not are you really or not do you hear or ignore because my faith is almost zero and the Devil is winning all because you completely ignore my crying so I want to know WHY YOU LET ME GO GIVE ME TO SATAN WHY WHY WHY... Please reply I don't want to lose my faith


GOD - I'm not the one who "lets go". Now then, "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God". I suggest you start hearing. Click on the banner above, or cut and paste this link into your browser www.teachingfaith.com


by oake82 - Feb 23, 2018

my dad pass away on dec,14 of 2017, i am diviorced, really sick with my bag on my belly and deaf on one ear.....WHY IS MY LIFE IS BAD AND GOD WON'T TAKE ME?..............i am sick of myself and i feel like i am in my family way.......if god got plans for me and then get on with it.....i can't take it any more......good night and i will live another day......


GOD - Fear not for I am with you. Hang on tight to Jesus, pray, fight, never give up. Keep the faith, and I'll see you through.


by Calvin L Campbell - Feb 22, 2018

God I live with my step family and I see their true colors from points in time my mother is having problems with my step dad and now the situation got to a point where me and my mom want to move out of the bronx and the evil people in my family know how to kinda deal with money. I was dropped from college due to owing over a thousand dollars we want to move to connecticut but my mother studies embalming and she she to pass a certain test to get her license and she works in a home and shes getting more and more stressed out at her job my step dad even appears at her jobs from points in time and I lost my overnight job due to a change in my hourly shift I honestly feel lost at this point and I pray every day I need advice at least I have a Kj Bible that I like to read but some pages were torn out and my brother kicked me from the room I lived in from the basement over a girl. The house situation is getting worse slowly and my mother wants to leave before the year ends. My fath.er died two years after I was born. I need advice at least


GOD - Hang in there Calvin. Ask Jesus for help everyday, trust that he will help you. Don't doubt, don't quit. You will have the victory!


by Shane - Feb 20, 2018

I have come to the realization that I am a selfish,evil person who has no purpose in life but to bring misery to myself and others. I have contemplated suicide many times but was too afraid to go through with it. Should I end my own life to prevent creating more chaos in others lives?


GOD - Call 1-800-273-8255


by Julian - Feb 18, 2018

WHY my Lord you ignore me and hurt all those I love, I honestly don't know why you ignore me because never speak... I don't know what to do now you taken my hope my faith


GOD - You might want to read the book of Job. Get back to me afterwards.


by Crystal J - Feb 16, 2018

I have to make a difficult choice how do I I'm making the right decision ?


GOD - All decisions are acts of faith. If you want me in the process, pray about it first through my son Jesus Christ.


by molly - Feb 16, 2018

Is there a third coming of Elijah? Cause this guy thinks he's Elijah and he twists the word of God up to a mess


GOD - Nope. False prophet.















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