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by Kait - Dec 20, 2019

So I do believe in you, and this is bot to be disrespectful in any way. What do you have to do to get sent to hell? Also why is it that when i need you the most your never there? Like right now I have anxiety and just a lil early this year I was depressed so where were you then? Also I know I may not believe your there sometimes but I'm still Christian also what happens on judgement day and what is the determining factor of hell??


GOD - Hell is reserved for those who have rejected Jesus Christ as their savior. That's it, period. BTW - Having faith is trusting I'm there with you regardless of the circumstances. Faith doesn't ask why, faith looks forward to understanding why.


by Margaret - Dec 18, 2019

Should I take the new job offer or stay where Im currently working?


GOD - Pray through Jesus, then listen to your conscience, then make your decision. Know it's the right choice regardless of the outcome. This is how you act in faith and trusting Me.


by Josh Hutchins - Dec 10, 2019

When I tried to kill myself two years ago I know it was GOD that prevented it. I asked for a reason to live and for a human partner in life. I met a woman a week later but she just married a man she met two months ago. I feel mislead. Please tell me why you let me live....


GOD - You'll see.


by jard - Dec 10, 2019

do all the people that are born in the wrong country who do not believe in god going to hell


GOD - There is no wrong country. People don't find me, I find them.


by jackie bye - Dec 8, 2019

So you know my situation all of it. my question is should i go to texas or stay here with mark. What would please you/ Also is the pastor right about the book of revelations not being the literal word of God


GOD - As to your moving, pray about it, then follow your conscience. That's how living by faith works. As to the Book of Revelation, is it literal? Yes and no. It uses a lot of pictograms to convey meaning. If you want to understand it cut and paste this link into your browser. https://www.teachingfaith.com/the-last-days


by Robert Simon - Dec 5, 2019

God why did you let my mother die,She believe with all her heart,she would be healed.


GOD - She is healed. Forever.


by georgi - Dec 4, 2019

Am i the biggest sinner? Did i have other choice? Will you forgive me?


GOD - Jesus died for all sin. Done deal. Now, start "worrying" about being the biggest faither in Jesus.


by Anonymous - Dec 4, 2019

Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus. Can you elaborate a little more on these steps? When you say deny yourself, what do you mean? Deny yourself that vice, or is it deny yourself as in "don't feel righteous because you aren't"? What is meant by pick up your cross? When you say follow Jesus, is it try and do what Jesus would in that situation? Thank you!


GOD - It means to put Jesus first in your life. To put yourself in second place and serve Christ.


by john Patrick Zakhary - Dec 3, 2019

Please God guide me I've been on a spiritual enlightment mission for over a year now I beleive it was selected by you to do your will I am afraid now my father seeing I have to make a big decision regarding a very large business matter I put together this corporation to try to help many people and to put an end to oppression and harm of people and to help those in need. I have avoided being harmed and killed repeatedly and have seen things I would've never believed I beleive the only way I am here today is due to you protecting and guiding me. At this time father I wish to know do I proceed with the venture or do I let it go.


GOD - Pray about it through Jesus, then follow what your conscience is telling you. That's how faithing it works. Trust I'm with you in your decision and the results.


by Phathiswa Patricia Mpahleni - Nov 29, 2019

I would like to know, if God reveals Himself to the righteous then what does that mean for the Called one?


GOD - One can not be righteous without practicing Pisteo (verb form of the word faith in the Greek), and Pisteo faith comes from knowing who I Am and what Jesus did and does for you. To get there you need education in the word taught straight for "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing, the word of God". I'm revealed through the hearing of the word. Cut and paste this link to get started. www.teachingfaith.com















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