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by Maria Elena Ayala - Jun 4, 2020

Are my wishes gonna come true from the other online app i did yesterday and are my wishes gonna come true tomorrow All my wishes PlZ?


GOD - I'm YOUR GOD, not your genie in a bottle.


by A lowly mortal - May 27, 2020

Dear god, There's something that I want to get that I can't achieve without your help, so I've been praying to you every day but I wanted to ask you like this: what do I need to do to get what I want? I've been trying my best to not sin in the hopes it would help a bit but I would like to know exactly what to do. Thank you


GOD - To quote the great Mick Jagger "You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometimes Well, you might find You get what you need" That's how I roll. I give what does Me the most good.


by shelby - May 26, 2020

am i pregnant?




by Alex D. - May 26, 2020

Most of life, I lived as an atheist and sinned a lot in many different ways - broke all 10 Commandments (Murder – forced my 1st wife to have an abortion). 10 years ago, I had a very strong spiritual experience, for a moment my soul was cast into Hell, this experience only lasted a few seconds but in those seconds. The pain I experienced was like nothing that can be described in words, there was no fellowship, just an infinite black void that you burned in and knew it would be for an eternity. Not even in 500 million years would there be a way out and every second, hurt millions of times more than the second before. When I came out of it and back into my body, I lost my mind and my body was crippled in every respect, I was only 37 years old at the time. That year (2010) I was in and out of psychiatric wards (hospitalized 2x), and everything was wrong with my physical body. I searched for God as I was given many signs (crosses, reference to Christ and etc.) which I’d mistaken to believe that God was watching me and that I was the Devil to be cast into Hell for eternity. God had showed me that HE was omni present and that there was a Devil which I saw daily. This set me on a crusade to find God, I was homeless and sick but determined to save my soul. Almost a year later, I found Jesus and asked for miracle, in exchange if God would prove his existence,I’d spend the remainder of my life serving him. In the spring of 2011, I wastold I would be “reborn” which at the time made no sense to me however I experienced a re-birth; again, there are no words to describe it in words but, everything that was wrong with my body, was repaired including my mind, heart and soul. I was over-pouring with love which I cannot describe again, an extreme felling. Since then, life was better than ever, I was blessed with a new career, home, the most beautiful wife and a lot more which I could never had imagined. I had watched myself carefully and ensured never to repeat history. Just a few months ago, I again lost everything, my work, my spouse, my home, my health, my mind and was again hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for 2.5 months. God again revealed to me that it wasn’t him I was serving the last few years but money. I had again felt the Devil take over me and still do, all I feel is pain. My body is again frail, there are things wrong which science/medicine can’t explain but worse than anything, I’m in some state of “Hell on Earth”, not the spiritual kind where I’ve left my body but feel like there are knives stuck in me and it hurts beyond the physical realm – it’s not in my head, my suffering is spiritual not medicinal. I have again sinned again but this time, knowingly because now I know there’s a God and I made HIM a promise. I believe this time, I won’t get better, be re-born again and will shortly die and be cast into Hell for eternity. My question is this, I’ve read that you cannot be reborn more than once and if you “fall away” again, your worse off the second time then you were the first, meaning there’s no salvation a second time? I have always thanked Jesus and God for everything in my life and attributed everything to them. I didn’t practice everything I preached and I spoke of Jesus and God to many but did the best I knew how. I did always ask for more money and was less thankful for everything I already received. Will God forgive a 2nd time and give me back my life and free my soul from Hell again or I’ve broken my vows and this suffering will end in death and Hell shortly? I’m running out of time as my body is failing me. Alex D.


GOD - As long as your alive I'm always here to accept you through the blood of My son Jesus Christ.


by Jenny - May 21, 2020

Why do some people reject God?


GOD - Because I give them the choice.


by Amanda - May 15, 2020

God all I asked for was a family and to be happy. Why do you only send me people who will never love me and only hurt me...?


GOD - Nonsense. That's not my style.


by Mary - May 15, 2020

I believe that jessus Christ will come back ownly when the God of heaven tell him that it time. I believe that the virus that the world is dealing with is a type of tribulation. However I am wondering what does God think of Donald Trump‘s behavior?


GOD - The return of My Son is a set time that He very much knows. The virus is byproduct of the fall of Adam and the tribulation brought on the world because of the influence of sin Adam ushered in. Trump is in office because I want Him there. Same goes for every president. They all serve My purpose, Trump just happens to one that knows that.


by James Fay - May 12, 2020

What economic system exists in Heaven? Is there a system of government?


GOD - Not government. Hierarchy. The currency are the eternal rewards you earned while you were alive on Earth. Learn more here:


Cut and paste link into your browser window.


by Anonymous - May 11, 2020

If Jesus showed up and ran for president in 2020 on the platform that human empathy and compassion is more important than personal wealth, would conservatives call him a libtard to his face or just behind his back?


GOD - Jesus knows only one thing Keeps America Great and that is POWER, same thing that makes Him God. When it comes to governing, being the richest most powerful country in the world is the first most priority.


by AMY KLINGENBERGER - May 9, 2020

Does an aborted fetus go straight to heaven?


GOD - Yes.















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