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by William Wilbur - Nov 5, 2006

Is what I have written, true?

Remembering always….
that faith without works is dead
and by works was faith made perfect.
James 2:12


GOD - HELL NO, it''s not true. It''s not true at all! James was a jerk! I put him in the Bible so the intelligent reader would recognize the stark contrast between The Law of Works vs. The Law of Grace. I had to train Paul personally to set the record straight on James, and Peter for that matter!

The entire book James was described best by Martin Luther:

`However, to state my own opinion about it, though without prejudice to anyone, I do not regard it as the writing of an apostle, and my reasons follow.

In the first place it is flatly against St. Paul and all the rest of Scripture in ascribing justification to works 2:24). It says that Abraham was justified by his works when he offered his son Isaac (2:20); Though in Romans 4:22-22 St. Paul teaches to the contrary that Abraham was justified apart from works, by his faith alone, before he had offered his son, and proves it by Moses in Genesis 15:6. Although it would be possible to `save` the epistle by a gloss giving a correct explanation of justification here ascribed to works, it is impossible to deny that it does refer to Moses'' words in Genesis 15 (which speaks not of Abraham''s works but of his faith, just as Paul makes plain in Romans 4) to Abraham''s works. This fault proves that this epistle is not the work of any apostle.

In the second place its purpose is to teach Christians, but in all this long teaching it does not once mention the Passion, the resurrection, or the Spirit of Christ. He names Christ several times; however he teaches nothing about him, but only speaks of general faith in God. Now it is the office of a true apostle to preach of the Passion and resurrection and office of Christ, and to lay the foundation for faith in him, as Christ himself says in John 15[:27], `You shall bear witness to me.? All the genuine sacred books agree in this, that all of them preach and inculcate [_treiben_] Christ. And that is the true test by which to judge all books, when we see whether or not they inculcate Christ. For all the Scriptures show us Christ, Romans 3[:21]; and St. Paul will know nothing but Christ, I Corinthians 2[:2]. Whatever does not teach Christ is not yet apostolic, even though St. Peter or St. Paul does the teaching. Again, whatever preaches Christ would be apostolic, even if Judas, Annas, Pilate, and Herod were doing it.` (__ibid__).

But this James does nothing more than drive to the law and its works. Besides, he throws things together so chaotically that it seems to me he must have been some good, pious man, who took a few sayings from the disciples of the apostles and thus tossed them off on paper. Or it may perhaps have been written by someone on the basis of his preaching. He calls the law a `law of liberty` [1:25], though Paul calls it a law of slavery, of wrath, of death, and of sin.` -Martin Luther

GOD - I''ll add this to close: Although I personally chose St. Paul to save the message of Jesus and Grace by Faith, (and he did) Satan has promoted the works doctrine of James, corrupting the Good News of the Gospel into an external `proving to man by the works they see me doing` instead of an internal one on one Father to child relationship,

I''ll put it very simply for you by asking you this one question:

As a parent, what do you want most from your children or from your spouse or from your friends, Perfection or Trust?

Stick to Faith and let Me show My Good Works through YOU!


by kim - Nov 3, 2006

My son accepted Christ as his savior when he was about 14-15 yrs old. He is now 21. He went off to college, he was taught evolution and how they think God is not real, he came home saying, the bible isnt true and he thinks that Jesus was just a man, that what the bible says didnt really happen. I am concerned about him now and knowing the unforgiveable sin. Somehow i feel in my heart he really doesnt believe that to be true yet only says it because someone else has taught him this. How can i be of help to him ?


GOD - Point out to him that the higher education he is getting from college is the awakening that the `Christianity` he accepted was a false doctrine based on his environmental upbringing. He has been lied to for his entire `Christian` life about what he should believe by a church that promotes traditions not truths. The `Higher Education` he got was from a school that knows all the faults and flaws of traditional christianity and love to expose and crush the spirit in order to elevate themselves and perpetuate their belief of how smart they are. Tell your boy how lucky he is to learn the truth about his beliefs so young. All he needs to do is realize that all religion is wrong. Every single one of them. Higher education is great for learning how to be a doctor, but they too teach a false religion of scientism when it comes to religions and philosophy. It’s all based on absolute stupidity.

He needs to do 2 things.
1. Pray for enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge in Jesus'' name.
2. Study the evidence of my son''s resurrection. It''s all over the place. When he proves to himself that Jesus raised from the dead and 1000’s of people saw Him after the resurrection, the scales will drop from his eyes. And let him know that all those `Smart People` have never spent 10 days or even 10 minutes looking at the evidence. They don''t `Need` to because they have risen above such `non-sense` and created a religion where they are the gods. Been going on since Adam and Eve.

Oh, and Kim...You only get one question. This is your 2nd. I answered it for your boy''s sake and for the many that experience his same awakening.

Take care now.


by Nick - Nov 1, 2006

I just want to say thank you for all that you have done in my life... though at times I took it for granted. You have always pulled me back up when I was down. The only thing I ask is to be more like your son so that others my see how good you are!


GOD - Bravissimo My Son! Keep going and going and going......We''ll make a good team! And hey, I appreciate the props!


by Charles Cheshire - Nov 1, 2006

I am 61 years old and have bee a `born again Christian` for 45 years. I trust in God through Jesus. I just get scared of the future. The world has gone down hill so fast in my lifetime. I hope you come soon and I hope I will not be here during the tribulation. My faith says Christians will be called to heaven before the tribulation. Is that true? THANK YOU.


GOD - What''s Up Chuck! Don''t Fear The Reaper! Just finish the race in faith, never looking back! Tribulation you must face. You know, Tribulation caused by sinning man rains on the just and unjust alike, BUT, as for `The Great Tribulation of Revelation,` no worries my man. That will be My Wrath poured out on Earth. That Tribulation will NOT befall those that are truly Born Again. Doing that would mean that My Son''s death and resurrection was for naught. You see, the true Born Again experience includes Jesus putting a little part of Himself in you. I will not pour My Wrath on a little Jesus. He paid the price to shield you from it. So the secret is out. The Rapture is PRE-TRIB!!!!


by Deanna - Nov 1, 2006

why don''t you like me?


GOD - Why should I?


by kim - Nov 1, 2006

I am confused by the statement..The meek shall inherit the earth. Why would one want to inherit the earth, isnt our goal to go to heaven?


GOD - Ahem, does the phrase `A New Heaven and a New Earth` ring a bell? By the way, the word `Meek` comes from a term for training a horse, to harness all its power and come under control of its Master. Letting the Master decide how, when and why He will un-leash and use the Horse''s Power. Do not think (as Satan''s trick of translation would have you...) that I''m talking about milquetoast, wet noodle `meek christians` to populate Heaven or Earth. Not now or in the future of `Making ALL Things New!`


by Kyle Micklos - Nov 1, 2006

how will i know your voice? how will i know if you are speaking to me? I want to do your will, but i need to know your voice. Please advise.


GOD - Oh, trust Me, you''ll know if I''m speaking to you. And Kyle, there''s no testing God. If you want to do My Will, just ask. I know your heart and I see your motives. I''ll respond if your sincere. And you will know it.


by Phil - Oct 31, 2006

What’s up? With you calling people stupid and idiots and advising them to don’t bother?


GOD - Phil, what''s up with your dim traditional view of Me? I suggest you scrap Satan''s watered down version of Christianity that is peddled around the world by most every snake oil salesman (so called preachers) that stands in a pulpit. Take my advice here before it''s to late for you. Stop right where you are and pray that the scales be dropped from your eyes, lest you find yourself in the long and wide Broadway to Hell, crammed with `Christians` that have been nothing but fools and fodder for the Devil. Or you can just not bother and remain a stupid idiot, content with your traditions and enjoy the upcoming Fertility Festival of Saturnalia which the Catholic church (the New Babylon Religion) re-named to Christ-Mass. Where all over the land `Christians` bow to the Erect Penis God called the Christ-Mass tree! (Hint – Jesus was born in late September during the Hebraic festival of Rosh Hashanah. Semiramis The Queen of Babylon claimed a “virgin birth” of Tamus on December 25th.)

P.S. Hey for some more fun visit www.VirginMarys.com and www.TheSacrament.com


by V - Oct 31, 2006

I''m unhappy with my job, but don''t have an opportunity to go back to college and complete a different degree. What should I do? I feel stuck and unappreciated.


GOD - Yeah, I know what you mean. Listen V, turn your priorities around a bit. Don''t desire any appreciation from men. That''s a very weak position and your boss can smell it. Be the best, most productive employee wherever you work. BUT, don''t live for your job. Concentrate on living for Me, and get the most out of the other 16 hours of the day and weekends. That''s what I appreciate, reward and renew!









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