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by Nicole - Feb 21, 2007

i feel a little down, 24 yrs old, 4 children, But I feel like their father is never greatful for anything. will I succeed and fulfill my dreams with him, or am i destined to fulfill them on my own, with little or no help from him? If so, I only pray for one to help.``


GOD - Hey Nicole, don''t lose sight that success and dreams of this world are temporary at best. They won''t mean much in eternity. With that said, being a good wife and mother far exceeds what most men could ever succeed at. Look to me Hun, I''ll make you a success forever.


by Kevin Flynn (alias) - Feb 20, 2007

First a statement before the question. I have children now and I cannot fathom without great sadness how you were able to sacrifice your only son. If asked I could easily give my life in Christ''s stead but not give my son''s. It''s beyond my ability. That must be a tremendous love for man to give up your only son. Words cannot provide enough thanks, so I only hope I can thank you by the life I lead. Which brings me to the question. I have broken every one of your ten commandments. (all of them) and I cannot imagine that I am going to heaven. Even if Christ died for my sins, they are many. I ask forgiveness but feel I am unworthy of it. #5 (#6 for hebrew) is a real bad one. I''d have another child if it were not for my offense.
This saddens me greatly. My question is, will accepting Christ alone after such sins be enough for salvation? (I''d ask for the lottery numbers so my wife won''t leave me due to unemployment but I know it''s a waste based on the posted identical question.)


GOD - Everyone of you is good as dead in Sins. Jesus paid the whole price for Sin. Done. Salvation is gained by your Faith and trust in Him. Not by not sinning. Got Faith?


by Robyn Barrett - Nov 8, 2006

If you have something to tell me, then why make it so complicated? Why don''t you just tell me straight out?


GOD - `Pick up your cross and follow Me` - Jesus


by Amy - Nov 8, 2006

What can I do to make a lot of money and not have to neglect my family to do it?


GOD - www.givingandtithing.com


by Odell Brown - Nov 8, 2006

Why can''t I heal myself and the world with your help God, and why did my sister have to die and why am I still on drugs and gay when I have prayed to you for so many years to be free. Please help me god in the name of Jesus.``


GOD - Listen to Me Odell, accept the fact Jesus died for you and all your sins. You are more worthy than the Pope in My eyes. Stop letting the Devil convince you otherwise. He is laying a guilt trip on you.

This is what I want you to do. Get up every morning and give thanks to Me for another day. Claim as your own promise: “As thy day so shall thy strength be”. Recognize the battle for your soul and rebuke Satan''s oppression on you.

Remember, if you resist the Devil, he will flee from you. Tell Satan I sent you with a special prayer for him and scream `Goddamn the Devil and his demons! I command you to leave my mind and my home in the name of Jesus!!! He''ll run out and I''ll rush in. Don’t worry about your sister. You will see her again and forever.


by Bill B - Nov 7, 2006

I want to leave this world and be with you but I dont want to kill myself either I pray to come home, why are you not answering me and let me COME HOME NOW!


GOD - You''re life on earth is the training ground for eternity. If you can''t make there, you have no home here. Buck Up Bill. NO son of Mine is a wimp or a coward.


by patty - Nov 7, 2006

Why did Victor hate me?


GOD - To the spoiled, go the Victor!


by Angela - Nov 7, 2006

dear god forgive me but I cannot live without you and i can not live with you I long for you but my life was easier without you how can i go on i am so sad and ashamed.


It''s Me or Satan. With Me, you must bear your cross until I bring you home. With Satan, it''s relief from the pressure for now, but an eternity of shame and anguish. The call is yours. I''ll respond in kind.


by priyanka - Nov 7, 2006

how many kids will i have


GOD - Why do you ask? Is your goat pregnant? Sorry, baaaaaaaaad joke.










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