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by w.Nelson - May 28, 2007

If your word is true- and is represented in the bible. Adam and Eve had three sons- Cain slew Able and Seth came along a while later. (Genesis) Who did Cain marry?


GOD - My word is true regardless of your kindergarten age brain development. Have you read the Book of Genesis? You might notice that I created Man and Woman before I created the Adam and the Eve. It''s right there in black and white DoDo! Oh btw bright boy, Christmas and Easter are SEX and COPULATION Festivals that the Catholic/Babylon Church mixed into Christianity. My Son was born in September on your calendar and WTF does Bunnies and Eggs have to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus?

Now let me check if YOU''RE a mistake or something...hold on I''ll be right back.


by justin - May 25, 2007

dear God,
you''ve allowed me to have everything taken away from me. I am being patient for you to return it. im not here to ask you when you will return it! Im here to say that ever since you''ve taken everything away from me. I have gotten back into church and I am serving you with all of my heart. I also feel that you have brought a special person into my life. my pastors daughter, Angela. she 4 years older than me. I have strong feelings for her. my question to you, is. is Angela the one woman in this life that you have destined me to spend the rest of my life with?


GOD - A pastor''s daughter huh? You lucky dawg! Listen, stop wondering this and that. Give it all to Me, including your blind trust. Get up each day and give thanks for another day to slay, tell Satan your going to kick his ass today and then GO FORWARD with the full knowledge that I''m guiding your steps. You do this for me Justin, I''ll take of you. As for the girl? She will need a real man too to overcome the hold of a Pastor Father. You MUST be her Man and Pastor!


by Dana Schreiner - May 24, 2007

Lord I am so confused, Doing my job is becoming very depressing. I need direction ,I am not a robot i know that, yet I need to understand that what I am doing is your will.


GOD - If you WANT to be in My Will, you''re in it. Those who aren’t.....don''t want to be.

Never Stop


by Travis Theroff - May 19, 2007

I lost all my money have none for family and food how will this get better.


GOD - Sell your computer and cancel your internet connection. Then ask yourself what have you done for Me lately. I don''t even see those that don''t have a real faith and trust in Me. Preach Christ and live your convictions. Come back and tell us what happens to your life when you do.


by Jean - May 14, 2007

I have been trying to get a divorce for three years now, but my husband will not sign the papers. He has been living with someone for quite sometime now. I started to date a man a year ago. Is it still considered adultery even though legally we are still married.


GOD - Still? Legally? You''re a product of the traditions your church has beat you with. Jesus Christ did away with the Old Law of Commandments and brought in the New Law of Grace. Accept Christ, live your convictions. Everything else will take care of itself.


by Spoiled-rotten and Disrespectful - May 14, 2007

if we are all gods children,what are the words of the preacher worth?


GOD - Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God. That’s why I gave you the gift of the Domata. A Pastor/Teacher. You should find one to listen to. Here’s the only one on earth I can recommend: www.worldwideuniversitynetwork.com

BTW, Like you, ALL children think they know it all and need a good whack once in awhile to remind them they''re nothing but dependents. And guess what? You''re my children forever. So you better learn to love the way I say to do things....LOL!


by Bruder Pfeffer - May 9, 2007

God do you have any Infos about the Philippines?


GOD - Yeah, it''s spelled: Philippians


by Sylvia - May 7, 2007

Really great website. Good job! It was very interesting reading it.


GOD - Cool, thanks for the kudos.


by Brooke - Apr 26, 2007

Will you bring my Dada back home to me and momma? Please, I pray every night for him.


GOD - Don''t worry sweetie, your Heavenly Father is watching over you, your momma and your Dada. I see you right now on the computer at the First Baptist Church there in the San Francisco area. Keep praying and never lose hope.....












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