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by Mike - Jan 9, 2018

If you know the beginning from the end, and the end from the beginning then you would also know if I was bound for heaven or hell before I was even born. How can a kind loving God create something he knew in advance would go to eternal damnation?


GOD - I'm not "all knowing" in regards to every choice every person makes. So the premise of your question is in error. What I do know is, I provided a way for every person to escape eternal damnation. That's what a loving god does. The choice is yours to accept it.


by kyle - Jan 9, 2018

aliens dont exist... right?


GOD - If by "alien" you mean other intelligent beings that exist outside your universe, then yes, they exist. I'm their leader.


by Paul - Jan 7, 2018

Is it ok to make Jesus forgive your sins multiple times


GOD - He only had to do that once.


by Priyank - Jan 7, 2018

I have a job, I am earning good. Sufficient for the requirement I have but I don't know should I leave the job and go for my certification, the problem is if I get certification I have to leave my job for a year and have to go for full time study. And after certification I may still end up in same kind of job or better one I don't know that. I have enough saving for a year of expense and my certification fees. Should I go for certification or continue same job. I don't hate my job but it's not something I am made for I can do better than what I am doing now but will I get a better job after a year of full time studies?


GOD - Ask me in prayer, then listen to your conscience, and make your decision. That's how you act in faith. That's how you guarantee I'm with you in your choices.


by Michael - Jan 5, 2018

Did Cain and Abel marry their sisters?


GOD - No. There were other humans not related to Adam and Eve on the planet.


by Amber - Jan 5, 2018

I was never good enough for you to even pay attention to huh? You just wanted me here so I could suffer and not live up to anything?


GOD - You could be so lucky if I was paying that kind of attention to you. Perhaps you should be asking for my help, instead of blaming me for your problems. Read Job much?


by Bob - Jan 5, 2018

Are you able to create a boulder big enough that you are unable to move?


GOD - Why would I do that?


by Louis Redelius - Jan 3, 2018

You claim to have know me before I was in the womb? Really? Well then in all of your mercy and love for me You put me into a family that has hated me from birth. You gave me a father that hated me from the day I was born in 1963 till the day he died in 1986. I am the youngest, just like Joseph in your book Genesis and you gave me older siblings that hate me to this day for nothing more than being born. My whole life is littered with broken dreams, a failed marriage, children who hate me, bad decisions and mistakes that I wanted no part of. You gave me a mother who hid in the whiskey bottle and allowed it all to happen. I patiently waited for over 15 years thinking my situation would turn out like Josephs for the better, but it has not. In fact it has only worsened. If that is not enough, You made me stand out so no one wanted to be my friend. You made me unatractive to the opposite sex. You have ignored every prayer and word of praise from me. You sent prophets to give me good words of blessings, help and miracles in my life, to only steal what little money and hope I had and to make me believe your hand would pull me up and out of this well and when I believe I only find that you had no intention of carrying any of them out. I read your word and tried to apply it to my life to the best of my abilty and still it is null and void. Years later at the age of 54 I find myself a broken christian, having had most if not all of my faith beaten clean out of me. I could go on and on and on but I will stop here because I think I've said enough. I asked for bread and you gave me a stone. Just like you hated Esau, you have also hated me.....WHY?


GOD - Don't quit now Louis. Don't waste all that spent faith that is credited in your eternal account. Remember, I sent my son to be killed, and his faith never wavered. Stay strong, ask for my help every day. March forward.


by Shallon - Jan 2, 2018

When will the world end?


GOD - Just a little over 1000 years.


by Cali - Dec 31, 2017

Dear God, I just wanted to ask how I am suppose to educate myself on Jesus's teachings if there are many different versions of the Bible. I don't want to read something, thinking/ believing it is correct then it turn out to be wrong. So which version of the Bible would you prefer me to read? Thank you.


GOD - If you want an education click the banner above ^^^^^.















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