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by Carl - Dec 24, 2009

It me again. Well this is one you don''t have to post. I thank you. (meaning to the person who has answered all my questions these past 7 months.) You have helped me a great deal with your words and bringing me closer to God. Today of all days marks the end of what has been a great ordeal in my life. I know understand everything I went though thanks to you. I will still go through more ordeals in the remainder of my life but I know God will never abandon me. It was I who abandon GOD. The person I was 7 months ago has died. I will not use a over used term as born again but I understand. Letting Gods WILL take over and not getting in the way. In the past week I can not tell you the changes that have happened. Most of all I am not going to lose my house and I now have my own Restaurant. (i remember what you said the 1st time I wrote to you `make sure its soul food`) Again who ever you are, you got me through a very bad time in my life and your words helped so much. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU.
PS yes i am aware this is ask GOD one question but this is not a question lol


GOD - ;)


by Carissa - Dec 23, 2009

Is it wrong to ask God to please bless my husband and i with a baby? We have been trying for 17 almost 18 months now... It has been so hard on us and i pray every month but i just cant seem to get pregnant. We have dont all we can finance and medical wise but it just still wont happen. I feel as if i am pregnant now but the tests all say no.. So my question is, is it bad to ask God for a child? A baby for us to love? Thank you and Merry Christmas!


GOD - Of course it''s not bad or wrong to ask for a child. What''s wrong is to question the outcome of your request. If I do or don''t want you to have a child is My business. Your business is to trust Me and live by faith in My son Jesus. As a bonus, you get to keep trying to find out if you will conceive.


by Janine - Dec 22, 2009

Is it wrong to pray for God''s help to not do something wrong I''ve done wrong before? There was this guy I slept with, and now I may have to go live in his house for a while. I have nowhere else to go. Is it selfish to pray for another way to have a roof over my head rather than going back to him? I have no desire to repeat this mistake.


GOD - It''s always good to pray before doing something stupid.


by John - Dec 22, 2009

Hello God,
It''s me john,I know we haven''t talk in a while.I''m very sorry.I promise to make time everyday for you If you grant my request.Ok here I go.I would like to spend five days in Florida,Miami.So I could visit my girlfriend nikki.Five days is all I ask and I promise I will change.
your son,
john love you``


GOD - I''m first or no deal.


by confusedkatydid - Dec 21, 2009

Someone close to me admitted to having an affair with someone married. I''m sick about it and don''t know what to do. I promised I wouldn''t tell anyone but I feel bad about the whole thing. What do I do God?


GOD - Stop making promises.


by Rachael - Dec 21, 2009

Dear God,
My dad is in Iraq and my cousin is in Afghanistan and all i ask is to watch over them and not kill them and make me go to another funeral.
thanks ``


GOD - They''re fighting a good fight Rachael. Be proud of them, pray for them, and know whatever happens I''m watching over them.


by alina - Dec 21, 2009

Why do people judge others i do it but i never understood why??


GOD - People judge others for many reasons. Mostly to feel better about their own stink.


by Tori - Dec 21, 2009

i do alot of wrong things like lie, steal and whatever else their is thats bad.... im just wondering is my life going to get easier or are you just going to keep putting my threw these test? ``


GOD - What are you asking Me for? I''m not the Father of liars and thieves. You have another father that is guiding your life. Good luck with him.















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