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by Wanda - Feb 24, 2007

God? First I would like to give thanks to you heavenly father for watching over me and guiding me through confussion that has been in my life, without your grace & mercy lord I would be a lost soul. Thank you lord for loving me unconditionally. What I have to ask you lord is, I noticed those that I knew passed away, it was either before their birthday or a few days after, is there an answer you can give me as to why is that, I have a thought in my head and i`d like to see if it is the same as the answer you give me.


GOD - All I''ll say is, the day you die is also your Birthday. Time on Earth is your gestation period to prepare you for your birth into eternity.


by Nicole - Feb 21, 2007

i feel a little down, 24 yrs old, 4 children, But I feel like their father is never greatful for anything. will I succeed and fulfill my dreams with him, or am i destined to fulfill them on my own, with little or no help from him? If so, I only pray for one to help.``


GOD - Hey Nicole, don''t lose sight that success and dreams of this world are temporary at best. They won''t mean much in eternity. With that said, being a good wife and mother far exceeds what most men could ever succeed at. Look to me Hun, I''ll make you a success forever.


by Kevin Flynn (alias) - Feb 20, 2007

First a statement before the question. I have children now and I cannot fathom without great sadness how you were able to sacrifice your only son. If asked I could easily give my life in Christ''s stead but not give my son''s. It''s beyond my ability. That must be a tremendous love for man to give up your only son. Words cannot provide enough thanks, so I only hope I can thank you by the life I lead. Which brings me to the question. I have broken every one of your ten commandments. (all of them) and I cannot imagine that I am going to heaven. Even if Christ died for my sins, they are many. I ask forgiveness but feel I am unworthy of it. #5 (#6 for hebrew) is a real bad one. I''d have another child if it were not for my offense.
This saddens me greatly. My question is, will accepting Christ alone after such sins be enough for salvation? (I''d ask for the lottery numbers so my wife won''t leave me due to unemployment but I know it''s a waste based on the posted identical question.)


GOD - Everyone of you is good as dead in Sins. Jesus paid the whole price for Sin. Done. Salvation is gained by your Faith and trust in Him. Not by not sinning. Got Faith?


by Robyn Barrett - Nov 8, 2006

If you have something to tell me, then why make it so complicated? Why don''t you just tell me straight out?


GOD - `Pick up your cross and follow Me` - Jesus


by Amy - Nov 8, 2006

What can I do to make a lot of money and not have to neglect my family to do it?


GOD - www.givingandtithing.com










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