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by ty - Mar 6, 2010

a young man grows up in the ghetto. he goes to a second rate school. his family has no money and constantly struggle. this young man is bombarded with bad influences and unsavory people. instead of going down a bad path like so many kids in his position do, using drugs or committing crimes to get what they want, he stays strong and focuses all of his effort into every good situation you put in front of him. also i forgot to mention you gave this young man a very special gift. he could create some of the most beautiful works of art anyone has laid eyes on. portraits, scenes, even comic book characters. that was his favorite, he even wrote his own comic book. after graduating from high school he wants nothing more than to go to art school. he applies to one of the best art schools there are and with his amazing talent it was no surprise when he got accepted. one of the requirements of the school was you bring your own full set of art supplies. which he could not afford, so he got a job at a warehouse that distributes goods to consumers bought over the phone or internet. its a hard job working exhausting hours and lifting heavy weight, but he doesn''t care as long as it gets that much closer to doing what he loves to do. of course being in such a tight financial situation, he cant afford a car. he rides a bike to and from work which cant be any fun seeing as how it was in the coldest months of the year, but again he doesn''t care he is still making money. one particularly cold day there was a light coating of snow on the hill leading to the warehouse where he worked. he left work hoping in his bike and heading down the road toward home. he squeezes his brakes to slow for the stop sign ahead. his bike slides on the snow and he loses control. just as he slides into the street a passing semi-truck strikes him at a speed of 60 miles an hour. it was unavoidable of the trucker who felt terrible and blamed himself. he was 27 years old. so my question is why do good things happen to wonderful people? he was shafted his entire childhood but stayed strong and faithful, and just as something good that i feel was well deserved was about to happen he is killed. why was he even alive to begin with?


GOD - Bad things happen to good people because Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and let sin enter the world. I told them what would happen, and I''m a God that keeps His word.

Why he was born to begin with is My concern. It''s not for you to question. But I can tell you he knows the answer.

Now what about you? Are you going to live and die questioning Me, or are you going live and die with the blessed assurance of Christ in your heart?


by Serj - Mar 6, 2010

How can I find peace in my soul? because I have done a big mistake . I almost finished my high school and until now I didn''t learn. But now I realized that someday I will have a family and I`m incompetent and it`s to late to catch up with my school . What should I do? I don`t want to be useless . Please help


GOD - The only way to peace for your soul is through a living relationship with My son Jesus Christ. Start there, He will guide you along the way to become the useful person He want''s you to be.


by anjali gupta - Mar 6, 2010

I was in relationship with a guy and I know that he loved me too from his heart. We had a physical relationship too, but now he doesn''t talk to me. He had ditched me and I''m really very depressed. I want to know will he come back in my life again?


GOD - Grow up and smell roses. If your happiness depends on a man, you can bet, after they have used your weakness to get you into bed, they will always run to get away from you.

BTW - The only guy you need in your life is Jesus Christ. He will never leave you nor forsake you.


by Gaurav - Mar 5, 2010

please tell me about my future is it bright or?????? I want to earn more and more money.


GOD - The love of money is the root of all evil. Do not make it your God.


by kriti - Mar 5, 2010

I am not satisfied my college..i m in 2nd yr and want to leave the college and do some diploma course make my portfolio and work to gain some experience.I dont want to spend two more years in this college coz college doesnt provide any placements or interns and its very expensive please tell me if my decision is right to leave the college and join some other college for short term course and work?


GOD - If you''re a Christian, and you''re praying through the Blood of Jesus, the best thing you can learn is to follow your instincts. Otherwise, it doesn''t matter what path you take, they all lead to eternal destruction.


by CC - Mar 5, 2010

With all the catastrophic events happening globally, is the world really coming to an end like what the signs are showing and the predictions that it''ll be in December 2012?



GOD - It wont be 2012. The world wont be destroyed until a 1000 plus years after the return of Jesus. The question is, when He comes will you be found washed in His blood or not? Don''t wait another day or you might find yourself without a choice for all eternity.


by pissed off and mad - Mar 2, 2010

So tell me, wife belives in you so much.....we are waiting for your help ....when are you planning on doing something for us to help our situation .....Are you busy fishing, are you on vaction,taking a nap, thinking up more usless words to twist around mixed in with more bull............good things come to thoughs that wait,or my favorite..god has a plan for you,...so tell what is your bull answer for my question i have just asked you......


GOD - Satan comes to those who wait. Those who live by faith in Christ are on the charge, fighting the good fight of faith. Do I have a plan for you? Yes, deny yourself, pick-up your cross, and follow Jesus. Or you can stay mad and pissed off all the way to Hell. Love ya!


by TIM - Feb 28, 2010

GOD, my mother is schizophrenic, for the past 10 years of my life i''ve done nothing but pray for her, and she always tried to live the christian life. why is it that you make people that way, when they haven''t done anything wrong?


GOD - I did not make any sicknesses or mental diseases. (Or even thorns, stickers and weeds for that matter.) All these things are the mutations of sin and/or demonic oppression and possession. Oh BTW, you''ve all done wrong. There is not one of you who is good. Only Jesus was able to be good in human form.















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