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by SCOTT - May 21, 2018

Hello God, I wish I could say this was a vist under better circumstances. My wife Debbie has left me. I'm still not quite sure why. She said that I lacked empathy and never was close with her son-who is 27 years old,has never had a job stays up all night getting high playing video games making messes. You get the picture. Now I live alone except for my cat and hedgehog and I spend my days missing her sitting in the dark because of my retina disease. She went to visit a high school girlfriend in Texas and has decided to stay. At this point only you can help me God. I miss my wife and would want us to be reunited. I am also aware that I can only see a fraction of the entire picture not being able to look down upon the entire thing. So my intelligent side realizes that but my heartbreak and loneliness wins ot in the end I know what I want and feel what I need to ask you for God but maybe I should be asking you for what you think I need. All I know is the grief and feelings of loss overwhelming me. Thanks God.


GOD - Scott, Jesus is there for you, and wants what's best for you, and he knows what that is. You need to ask him for help, and trust he will give it to you. Wake every morning with praise and prayer to me through Christ, and end your days with thanks. We'll get you through this!


by Liam - May 20, 2018

If I don't believe in Jesus, and I somehow almost never sin my entire life, if I'm one of the nicest person people have ever known, do I still go to Hell? Or, is it just as long as I'm almost always a good guy, I still go to heaven?


GOD - No one is good enough because perfection is the standard. Perfection from birth to death. An absolute sinless life. The impossibility of doing that is why Jesus had to perform the rescue mission. Now it's your choice to get in the "rescue boat" or down with the ship. I suggest you study the evidence of Jesus. Click the banner at the top of this page for a real education. Or cut and paste this into your browser. www.teachingfaith.com


by Bill - May 19, 2018

what do you want me to do with my life?


GOD - Live it with active faith in Jesus. The rest I'll take care of.


by Zane - May 19, 2018

I love how confused you are. Genesis 11:7,9 "Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other."..."because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world"...1 Corinthians 14:33 "For God is not the author of confusion"


GOD - There it is, you got me. I can't believe someone finally noticed that. Never mind the context of who I was referring to in each of those verses. One were false god idol worshipers, and the other was to the saints that have Jesus living in their hearts, those who are my chosen eternal children.


by CJ - May 18, 2018

What should I do about the problem that I have


GOD - Give it to me.


by Bryson - May 13, 2018

How can I stop giving In to temptation and stop being driven by temptation.


GOD - You wake up each day and ask Jesus to help you avoid those temptations. Believe he will help you, and actively try to avoid them. It's called exercising faith. Keep doing it, and you will find you're soon strengthened and more interested in godly things.


by John - May 10, 2018

So you've stated Jesus died for all of our sins past present and future, I'm an atheist, Considering Jesus died for ALL sins, shouldn't that make me forgiven for being a non believer? Also, there are a lot of inconsistencies in your book, how is this?


GOD - You should learn about the one unpardonable sin. Hint: Denying the Father, Son and Holy Ghost exist. Start there before worrying about the book.


by Rick - May 3, 2018

Three years I suffered through so many circumstances, and now I feel as if everything is crumbling before me. I am pressed on all sides oh God and I can't think on the how many times I could have blamed anyone for all my problems, even thought of putting the blame on you as to why all of this is happening. But even after all of it I could never put the blame on you because every time I count the number of bad moments I have in life, I always remember all the amazing things you've done for me(and the number of times you saved my life). All I ask is for you to be with me through it all, and I know I'll see the light through this dark tunnel one day. Through Christ I ask this, my God. Amen.


GOD - You're on the right track. Hold on tight to Jesus and he will walk you through, and out of your valley of Baca (weeping). Psalm 84.


by Rachael Teague - May 3, 2018

Is suicide ok in your eyes, is there circumstantial suicide what is your opnion??


God - Christianity is a life of daily walking in faith with Jesus, and trusting me to direct your path. I would never direct to suicide.


by Thomas Scott Vornberger - Apr 29, 2018

I hear voices in my mind. Are they really who they say they are? Gods, Demons, etc.


GOD - Take charge. Reach for Jesus. Ask him into your heart, mind, and soul. Rebuke the voices in the name of Jesus.















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