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by Jacquelyn Dufner - Oct 1, 2018

Lately, I have been trying to figure out what my life is going to lead, and who I will end up with... In other words, what is your plan for me?


GOD - My plan for you is for you to daily live by faith in Jesus and have no concerns for tomorrow.


by Paula Huebner - Sep 30, 2018

On the sabbath can I go feed the homeless?


GOD - Jesus is the Sabbath. Live free in Him.


by Brent Chaney - Sep 24, 2018

Can you give me a sign of what I need to do?


GOD - Nope. I stopped giving signs at the resurrection of my son Jesus Christ. Ever since, the plan is to pray through the blood of Jesus concerning your needs and circumstances, then follow your conscience in your decisions, and trust and believe I'm with you in those decisions regardless of the present circumstances. In other words: Living by faith in Jesus.


by Justin - Sep 23, 2018

If God is omnipotent, all-knowing and all good, he should have known evil would appear in the world he created and he could have prevented it. Why didn't he?


GOD - I knew it COULD happen, and most probably would. That was the price of "Free Will". That's why I built in a safety net in Jesus Christ. Look, I want a family, brothers and sisters for my son Jesus. What would you want from your children, for them to be perfect robots or for them to love and trust you?


by emjfdj - Sep 23, 2018

how to make it through high school without losing the will to live


GOD - Join the drama department.


by Ernesto - Sep 22, 2018

How do I know I have free will?


GOD - Because you sin.


by Eddie - Sep 20, 2018

Will you give me courage at the time of tribulation to stand for you? I love you God and your son Jesus Christ


GOD - It happened already. Ask the Jews, who most of the Bible, and especially the Book of Revelation, was written to.


by Tiquan McMillian - Sep 20, 2018

Lord I asked you for strength with my sexual addiction its hard being a single man with no kind of mate. And its best to marry than to burn with passion but that need is not being met so please help me.


GOD -Yeah that "better to marry than burn with passion" line was aimed at men disciples trying to live a life of celebitchy. Nothing wrong with being a bachelor and enjoy sex, but like ANYTNING else, it should not get in the way of your faith walk with Jesus.


by Troubled Follower - Sep 20, 2018

I recently had a unique experience with a human who called him self God. In an intoxicated state I repeated the words he asked me to say, it wasn't in English, but it did contain the word Jesus. I then had a different encounter with the same person (i didn't realize he was the same person at the time) in which he told me my future. That experience changed me from an atheist and had me accept Jesus into my heart (which I felt, I've never felt that feeling in my chest before or since). The previous memory with that person was then unlocked. You said on 9/9/18 that God isn't a person walking on the earth,yet he called himself God. How do I know that I accepted the true, real Jesus and not some satanic imposter into my heart? Is it even possible to accept a fake savior in the name of Jesus? The encounter almost feels satanic considering some of the events that have taken place since. It almost feels like the forces want me to believe I'm saved and forgiven while fulfilling the contract I made with evil for my soul 17 years ago. While at the same time the whole thing seems really sinister. I know I'm supposed to walk in faith, but it seems they enjoy reinforcing my doubts constantly. How can I rebuke the fake Jesus I accepted and accept the real one? Would the forces of good threaten me with death if I don't utilize my unique energy amplifying talent? Don't I have a responsibility to ensure my talent is only being used for good? I'm sorry for asking more than one question, I just want to be sure of my salvation and ensure I'm not falling for a satanic trick. 2 Corinthians 11:14 is really wearing on me. I appreciate any guidance you can give me, thank you.


GOD - I'm not a god of confusion. Take heed.


by Thomas Barbour - Sep 18, 2018

Should I buy a motorcycle or a van then move to California?


GOD - Ask me in prayer, then follow your conscience. That's how it works.















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