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by Tony - Nov 24, 2020

God, if you are the one true God, then you know w my heart. You are all too aware of my struggle with a constant certainty... in my inability to know your existance to a certainty. More often than not I have been uncertain. You surely are also aware of my decision to choose your path over the wider more traveled one. I decided as a child, if ever given the choice yes or no to good over evil, always I would choose you bad the light. Without regard to my certainties, I do value righteousness over any alternative...ALWAYS. Sure I make mistakes but my vow remains in tact. I have been told by several unrelated people over the years that I am different. That I am set apart..to some important purpose. I always felt it would be vanity to believe such a notion...but they always seemed so convinced that I eventually chose to allow room for the possibility. Never thought it would become important anyway. Now I come to this. Without being totally specific...you already know my question... I am so empathic that the hurts of mankind often burden my heart. I would willingly give my own life 8f it could save mankind. Why wouldn't I? How can single me be as high of a priority as the whole of man?? Such is m6 nature and the love in my heart. I'm not inferior to mankind...but I would not feel worthy of even a good night's sleep if I didn't love that much. So without directly stating the specific question... I say mankind is in immediate and grave danger. The8r very existence is in peril. I know you will win in the big overall picture. But here I sit...heart so heavily burdened for the many..many of which would spit on me and laugh at my suffering on their behalf.... For them I want salvation. But in the immediate...smaller VIEW...i see their coming pain and suffering like nothing they have ever imagined. I want to shield them from it...somehow protect them. Somehow get them under some umbrella of mercy. I don't know how to reach them yet I can't lay down and just give up. I seek an answer so I can know what to do. How to view this and come to peace with it...if peace is in your will. I have never come across anything this big in my life. I doubt anyone has because 8t seems we are fast approaching the end of these times. The greatest battle ever. The one that is written about in your book. And I simply don't unde4stand my role in it if in fact I have a role in 8t.


GOD - The Great Commission is to spread the Gospel like spreading seeds. NOT to save mankind. That's my job. IF <--- you have a larger part to play, you don't need to wonder because I will make it so. You just need to remain willing.

There is NO certainty in faith. You act as if there is through the blood of Jesus Christ. That's the program. That's how righteousness is imputed into you.


by Mary - Nov 19, 2020

I was taught that when we die, all souls go to purgatory. I pray for all souls in purgatory. How long does a soul stay in purgatory ?


GOD - You were taught wrong. You should remove yourself from all that Catholic heresy.

Cor 5:6 Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord:

7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight:)

8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.

You're either alive on earth or present with the Lord if you're saved. Otherwise you're in Hades waiting for Judgement day and the Lake of Fire.

Watch this (you may need to cut and paste the link into your browser).


by Joseph - Nov 16, 2020

How do I get over the one I love 2I years with her I don't no how to go on without her in my life it's the hardest thing I've ever been through I've lost my life the love of my life the one I was suppose to grow old with I need to no how do I go on living like this until u have been through this you have no idea please give me a good awnser


GOD - You make Christ the center of your life.


by Stephen Card - Nov 11, 2020

38 years ago I abandoned my wife an new born baby girl for another woman. Since then I have remarried, had four beautiful children and am a successful businessman. In the eyes of the world I am a great guy but I am acutely aware that my hideous and selfish actions ruined my ex-wife's life and, as the years go by, I am finding it increasingly difficult to live with myself. God tells us to repent our sins but how can I do that ? What can I do to make amends or am I simply destined to get what I deserve and go to hell.


GOD - I never said "Repent of your sins" in order to find salvation or gain entrance to heaven. I sent my son Jesus to die for your sins and forget them. Your sins are forgiven and you will not be judged by them. You (and everybody), will be judged by your acceptance or denial of Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. Get right with Jesus. Start here: Faithing.com


by jason - Nov 8, 2020

so Biden just beat the anitchrist How do you feel about that


GOD - I say you're an idiot, but I can help you. Cut and paste this link into your browser for your education on the subject. https://bookofrevelation.org/2020/06/06/the-antichrist-has-been-identified


by Ashley - Nov 7, 2020

With everything going on in the world today, is this the end of times? Is Joe Biden the antichrist? As a firm believer in god and his gift he gave to me,(empath), I don't know if it's my gut telling me or everyone else's feelings getting in the way but there is something off here. Not right. I feel like Joe Biden is our antichrist and we as God's soldiers must do something about it


GOD - Yes the "End Times" clock on the last generation to see all things began in 1948 in Israel. As to Biden being "The Antichrist" cut and paste this link into your browser for the answer:



by Briana - Oct 13, 2020

Will you bring my soulmate into my life who will love me and my daughter unconditionally?


GOD - Yes, his name is Jesus.


by Tim - Oct 9, 2020

Do I keep pursuing Electrical engineering or stay in aircraft maintenance?


GOD - Pray about through Jesus, then make a choice, it wont be wrong. That's how you practice your faith.


by Mark - Oct 4, 2020

Hello God, This isn’t much of a question, for I do not need to question Your will. I trust and love you since the moment of my being reborn and awakening. This is more of a statement to my brothers and sisters, live your life. All of the hate, all of the worry you feel and see it the world is a DISTRACTION. Let go of the illusion of control, let go of the path that YOU want, and CHOOSE the one the He has picked for you. I do have but one question for you, God... what can I do to help my brothers and sisters who are born in sin, see Your light, and the healing grace of Your Son Jesus Christ. I struggle with this, as so many refuse to hear you, especially my generation. I hear you everyday, I try my best to give my all to Your son. I want Him to live through me so that more can be saved. Yours truly, Mark S.


GOD - Mark, the command is to be ready with an answer when asked. Witnessing is a reactive event, not a proactive one. Preaching or evangelizing on the other hand is a gift I give to some to stand in the market place (the world), and speak to all who will hear. The answer to your question is BE READY to answer if your asked about Jesus, and either go out and start a church or find one you can support to spread the Gospel. And of course, you can start each day asking Me to guide your ways.

Here's the church I recommend is deserving of support. www.TeachingFaith.com


by Peepee - Sep 28, 2020

Why is there suffering?


GOD - You mean you've never read the book Genesis?














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