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by Moisey - Apr 12, 2019

Why don't you punish feminists?


GOD - LOL Do they need more?


by Laura - Apr 10, 2019

Is there such thing as "soulmates?" Is there one person in the world that we are intended to be with?


GOD - There is only one soulmate for every person. Jesus.


by Scott - Apr 10, 2019

Hello God, Asking how you are doing would be pointless since I already know the answer to that. But part of me still thinks that it's good manners and niceties like that to ask you. I'm pretty much the same as qwell. Still mourning my wife tat left me several months over a year now. She left me for some abusive jerk she knew from high school. She made the mistake of trying to talk to him while he was "in a mood" so he backhanded her and dropped it to the floor. I have a good friend that knew her in high school and this guy is quite the abusive piece of work. I guess I'm fumbling around trying to figure out how to ask you for help. I do ask you daily and I d talk to Jesus about the situation. I'm expecting to hear someday a recording saying that Jesus' voice mail box is full. That's pretty much how my luck would go. I was also sort of baffled when I keep reading on signs in front of churches-usually some Baptist variety. One had on it's message board on the front lawn this inspirational message. "GOD Does NOT want your LOVE HE wants your FEAR!!" NOw that sounds to me like libel. I have also read the same thing slogging through personal ads looking for "GOD Fearing Men". I think that they have confused Respect wit gut wrenching terror when they refer to you. I mean you won't put up with crap from the humans on your planet. But I really don't think that you are some GOD of Hatred and Rage like Gozer. It's stuff like that which scares people away from trying to get to know you. I know you have a "human avatar" that does the typing and such on here but I do get comfort thinking that somehow you are indeed a major part of the questions and answers. I really sincerely want to meet you and Jesus after reading this site for over a year now. I know you don't encourage suicide and post help line phone numbers. But do you think that maybe you could shave some years of my remaining lifetime and donate them to say a dying mother thet will be leaving her children behind? Thank's God.14


GOD - In the case of a "God fearing man", fear means "respecting".


by Nagasena rana - Apr 5, 2019

Why have i failed in all aspects of my life.... Why did you fail me... Please explain


GOD - If I am the reason for your circumstances, you should be thanking me for being so interested in you. That would make you very special.


by Noe Staley - Apr 5, 2019

Is it wrong to masturbate?


GOD - Only if you think it is.


by Daria - Apr 5, 2019

What is more important? Our dreams or ability to build a family? What I have to do if this two positions goes apart?


GOD - If you're planning on one or the other, go for your dreams. If you've already produced a family, you'll need to manage both.


by Adam - Apr 3, 2019

If God (you?) is so good and powerful, How is it possible for you to allow so much evil to happen in the house of God (your house). For example the high number of paedophiles in the clergy. Actually, not just the high number, but the extraordinary lengths that priests have gone to to cover up such sinful behaviour also. How can you allow this in your own house?


GOD - That's not my house. How is it possible you don't know Satan built that and every "religion"? Wake up kid!


by Vern - Apr 3, 2019

Can we talk to Jesus and pray to him and ask him questions, or should all of that be addressed directly to only you?


GOD - It is through Jesus I hear and answer your prayers. He should always be included in our conversation.


by Brandon - Apr 1, 2019

God can you show me the way


GOD - That's what I'm here for.


by Monica Ives-Billings - Apr 1, 2019

Throughout my life father, I have known you and your son Jesus. Unfortunately, many times in my life I have wandered off from your ways and became jaded or deaf to Jesus' Holy Spirit within me. But still, throughout my journey, as if I fell asleep, you keep waking me up. You have blessed me with the responsibility of two beautiful children. I have been facing many trails lately relating to being a mother and an ex-wife. Lately, I have been trying to accept your plan is perfect and have faith that everything will be okay but, I still find myself fearing if I will lose these children to my ex-husband. How do I navigate through this situation and still exemplify your ways through this life?


GOD - Same way as always. Press in to Jesus. Practice your faith everyday by waking with a prayer then trust what your conscience is telling you. Put me first, and I'll put you first.















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