Simply Answered Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is this really God?
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Question: How come someone who is a bad person throughout their whole life and claim they are a believer get to go to heaven if they ask for forgiveness. This person is filled with greed, hate, disrespect, etc. While someone who is an atheist but lives their life as a great role model for anyone to look up to. As someone who people talk about in the future and they say, "Wow, that person really made the world a better place and influenced them." How come they don't get to go to heaven just by the fact that they don't believe in you?
Answer: First of all the only "Good" people are those who have Christ in them and have His good working through them. Without Christ all men's "good works" are equal to spent menstrual rags. There are NONE GOOD BUT GOD. One can only be good with God (Jesus) living in them. Understand, being "good" will not get one soul into heaven. Faith is the ticket.

Regarding a person who is "bad" their whole life and claims to be a believer? That person is a liar, the two don't coexist in the heart of hearts of a true Christ filled believer.

In regards to atheism: Atheism is a choice, an all out rejection and rebellion of My Holy Spirit. If you deny Me, I will deny you, but Satan will hold you up on earth and make you very respected. Maybe even a person looked up to and spoke fondly after they pass.

Don't be so naive to fall into the trap of religious traditions and lore. It's okay to use your brain and logic when pondering spiritual truths.

Question: What is "Science"?
Answer: "Science" is a man made attempt to lower the supernatural to just natural in order to eliminate the need of serving Me and replacing it with serving self.

I'm a creator, "Science" is nothing more than the study of the residual aftereffects of creation. At best, "science" is a back engineering project of which the frame of reference used as the starting point to go back from is erroneous. It's akin to a blind man running into an elephant's leg but believing, arguing, and convincing others he's confronting a tree.

"Science" does not exist in eternity.
Question: Why does the Bible say the earth is flat? Like "Clay under a seal"?
Answer: Men spoke and wrote in the colloquial phrases of the day. Just like you do every time you say "Oh what a pretty sunset or sunrise". You do know the sun does not set or rise don't you?
Question: Were Adam and Eve the first humans on earth?
Answer: No, they were not the first humanoids. Not by a long shot. You can read in the first chapter of Genesis (verse 27) that I created man and woman (they are historically called the Ishi people) BEFORE I formed Adam, ("Adam" meaning "ruddy" as his skin color war a ruddy reddish brown as the clay I formed him from.), and then made Eve from his rib. It was only "Adamkind" that I breathed the breath of life into and made them living souls. The "Races" on the planet came primarily from the mix breeding of "Adamkind" with "Ishi". Some other races were the result of curses put on various families and tribes of "Adamkind", and the interbreeding of Angelic beings with human beings. Again, these accounts can be read in Genesis.
Question: How can it be fair to condemn people to Hell just because they were born and raised in a non-Christian country and raised as a Buddhist, or Muslim, or whatever else?
Answer: Nobody comes to Christ unless I call them. People don't find Me, I find them. If I want you, it doesn't matter where you were born, raised, or what religion you were indoctrinated in, I know how to find you, and how to get your attention.
Question: Can God make a rock so heavy He can't lift it?  If He can, then He is not God. If He can't, He is not God. This is the omnipotence paradox.
Answer: There's many things I can't do. I can't lie. I can't sin. I can't be in the dark. I'm not God because I can or can't make a rock so heavy I can't lift it, what makes Me God is power. The translation for Almighty is not omnipotent, it's ALL POWERFUL. I'm God because nothing else is more powerful than I Am. So you'll need to hang your unbelief on some other non-sequitur.
Question: Do you hate gay people and send them to Hell?
Answer: No one goes to Hell for being gay. No one goes to Hell for sinning either. Hell is for those who reject Jesus as their Savior. I don't condone homosexuality. I also don't condone lying to your mother. Neither of which are tickets to hell. What I'm interested in is "Faith", faith in Jesus Christ. That's the standard I judge individuals by.
Question: If Satan is tasked to punish the evil doers, why is he viewed as a bad guy?
Answer: Satan is not tasked with punishing. Where did you get that from? A comedian? I'm the punisher. I will be punishing him, and all other rebellious souls and spirits.
Question: Why is there no mention of Kangaroos on Noah's Ark?
Answer: The flood was local to Noah's geographical area. That was the known world to Noah. The ark was built to house the animal life in that area. Noah and his family were just as much cargo as the animals. The Ark was a "lifeboat" to preserve the species' that I wanted to start over with. Specific to Noah's family, they were the only "Adam-ites" left on the planet whose DNA had not been contaminated (by the breeding with fallen angels and all manners deviant sexual practices) and could continue the "bloodline" to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Now lets examine the wise morons of evolution's theory:

Science estimates there's 10,000,000 species of animal life on the planet and the Evolutionist want you to believe that all 10,000,000 of them "evolved", one of each sex, in exactly the same locations on the planet, at exactly the same time rate, found each other at the precise moment of both their individual evolutionary metamorphosis, and then successfully mated to produce each of the individual species that they count in the 10,000,000. I tell you, it would be more plausible to have built a boat big enough to hold them all!
Question: If you really exist why don't you show yourself to prove it to the whole world?
Answer: First of all, been there done that, and was killed on a cross. Secondly, My existence is easily known and seen. Everyone of the Adamic race knows I exist, but choose to deny the evidence that is self-evident because of rebellion. You don't want a God, YOU want to be the center of your own universe. This is how Satan fell, and it's how he fooled Adam & Eve. He told them they would not die if they ate from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil (like I warned them), but rather, they would become like God. Here, I wrote about this very issue to condemn most, and to enlighten a few:

Romans 1:16-22

16For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

17For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;

19Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

21Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

22Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

23And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

24Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
Question: Is Jesus really the Messiah or was he just another good and wise prophet like Muhammad?

Answer: If your best friend one day told you "He was the Son of God, that He could forgive your sins, that only through Him you could go to heaven, that only by praying in His name will God hear your prayers, that only by His murder and His resurrection 3 days later could rectify the fall of Adam and Eve...." Would you would consider your friend a great holy man, a good and wise teacher? No, you would consider him a nut or a liar. These are the claims Jesus made. By making these claims Jesus gave the world no option to consider Him a good man, a holy man, or a moral man UNLESS He was My Son. So stop being such cowards. Jesus was either a nut and a liar, or The Son of God. Nothing in between. His resurrection from the dead proves the latter. For more info on Christ and proof of His resurrection click here.

Mohammed was not a "good and wise prophet" either. He was the false prophet. Muhammad was Satan incarnate, producing the false religion of antichrist called Islam. "ANTI-Christ" The opposite of Christ. Get it? Islam reduces Jesus to a messenger, stripping Him of His divinity by teaching Jesus was NOT the Son of God and the Holy Spirit does not exist, and more importantly denouncing the death (Islam teaches Jesus never died) and resurrection of Jesus Christ thus stripping Him as the Savior of mankind. In fact, Islam teaches that Jesus' 2nd coming will be for the purpose of telling the world that He is not My son, and naming Muhammed as the true messiah and THEN Jesus will die for the first time!

Click here to read Islam's blasphemies in their own words inscribed inside the abomination of desolation they built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem called the Dome of the Rock. Click here to hear an in-depth multi-part study on this topic, and as it relates to the Book of Revelation and End Times events.

Read below in the question "Which religion is the right one?",  how the people of the Islamic religion or any religion should be treated by Christians.

Question: If God is Love why do bad things happen to good people and /or innocent children?

Answer: First of all, "love" is an attribute of God, (and you're all lucky for that)  love is not God. Power is God. Without God being all powerful, something else would be God, and that something else may not be loving.

Now to the question: Bad things happen because Adam and Eve believed a lie of Satan, they rebelled (like Satan did) and caused sin to enter the newly created world, like Satan did to the previously created world (More on that in the question of Big Bang Evolution vs. Creationism below).

Unlike the angels, I created the Adamic race in My image and I gave them a spirit filled soul. My purpose was to have  children, and siblings for Jesus. In order to have a real family, (as opposed to a "family of robots") I had to give the Adamic race the free-will to love and trust Me, or not.  After all, if you're a parent, what do you want most from your children? Do you want their trust or do you want them to be perfect? Well, I can create perfection without the capacity to fail. But there is no trust without a capacity to not trust.

OK now, I told Adam and Eve what would happen if they ate the forbidden fruit. They would die and bring death to the whole world and Satan would be given rule as the King of earth. Well, they chose to make Me keep that promise, and being a just God, I've been keeping that promise ever since. If I didn't keep that promise, I would be a liar, and you could not trust Me to ever keep My word. So, bad things happen because you can trust Me to do what I say I'll do. Good things happen for the same reason.

Now the Good News - Like a good father, I also created a back-up plan to redeem those that would trust Me in a fallen world. As the first Adam brought sin upon mankind, the second Adam paid the ransom to reverse the death effect of sin. Jesus Christ left the throne of heaven to be born into the skin of Adam. As the 2nd Adam, and the Son of God, He lived a perfect sinless life and offered Himself up as the perfect sacrifice. The Scapegoat by which those who believe in Him, and trust Him, are covered by his shed blood and seen as sinless and as righteous as He is. Those (on earth) that are seen by Me (from heaven) through the blood of Jesus (in between) will be made sinless and righteous in eternity. One day soon We all, (Me, Jesus and those who lived by faith in Christ) will be the family I set out to create and we'll all live in a new heaven, and a new earth, and a new Jerusalem that will be without the stink of sin and Satan.

In the meantime, sin and Satan are still causing the sting of death to rain on the just and the unjust alike.

Question: What is the purpose of existence and/or my life?

Answer: Shakespeare came close when he penned the line "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players". It's true that "all the world is a stage", and all of heaven, and all of creation are watching and participating in the play as it moves towards its curtain call. What's not accurate is "all the men and women are merely players". You're all much more than merely players. You're the reason the stage was created in the first place.

When Satan rebelled, and led a coup attempt in heaven trying to take over as God, he and his fallen angels were thrown out and cast into the lower heavens you call space and earth. Satan's actions started a heavenly revolution, and created an unbalance in the heavenly population. So, about 12,000 years ago I destroyed the Satan infected earth, and about 6000 years ago, I recreated the earth afresh, and I created the Adamic race to take possession and procreate a population of free-willed beings that would have the choice to trust Me and resist all Satan's temptations to join his rebellion against Me. This "tried in the fire" population would make the unbalanced number in heaven whole again, and provide me with children, and Jesus with brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately Adam and Eve gave in to the Devil's temptations and gave up their possession of earth, which gave Satan the controlling power once again. So now mankind is cursed, and all are born into sin, like a rushing river pulling everything into the mouth of Hell. But I had a back-up contingency plan that went into place. In the beginning, long before I created beings with free-will, Jesus was the lamb slain before the foundations of the heavens and the earth were set. Jesus was always the rectifying factor in case free-will turned into self-will, which it did first in Lucifer.

All that to give you the answer to the meaning of existence and your life: Your reason for being is to recognize that I exist, and to choose to trust Me "The creator" over the "creation" and Satan. The vehicle of your trust is the blood of My Son Jesus Christ.  The method of your deliverance is Faith in Jesus. Being born again, (see last question for explanation) means to identify with My plan for your salvation. When you do this I fill that now empty space (caused by the fall) in your bodies called "The Temple of God" with the Spirit of Jesus. When this happens ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE ON YOU, because all of a sudden you're now turned around in that rushing river of sin, and are now swimming upstream against the current. Now you must learn to swim for your eternal life! The good news is, because of your faith and trust, I have thrown a life preserver around you (called the Holy Spirit), and I'm pulling you towards the shore. Don't ever give up, don't stop swimming. The guarantee of keeping my life preserver around you is your ever active faith in Jesus. How do you increase your faith muscles? Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing the Word of God. Here's a place to hear the Word rightly preached.

Question: What are ghost's and ufo's?

Answer: There are no such things as ghosts, (Except for the Holy Ghost which is My spirit.) as in dead people wandering around. However there are disembodied wicked spirits, (The spirits of those children fathered by angels you read of in Genesis.) pretending to be dead people in order to seduce you into believing in many paranormal things like reincarnation, or that you can talk with your dead friends and relatives. Their desire is to possess your body and mind, to ultimately kill you, cause you to kill, or both.

As to UFO's: UFO's (Flying machines) are real, but they do not come from "outer space". There are angelic beings that operate like flying machines, they're called Cherubim. You can read about them in the Old Testament, especially Ezekiel's experiences with them.

What is an "Alien" by definition? An intelligent life form originating from someplace other than earth right? Okay, well then that makes Me, Jesus, angels, fallen angels, demons, and Satan aliens. One thing for sure, (apart from those mentioned) there is no other intelligent life in the universe that will ever be found  or will visit earth. Just like ghost's, the "green Martian" is a ruse of Satan to make people lose sight of Me and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Question: I've done bad things. Am I going to Hell?

Answer: Every person is born dead in sin. You're all going to Hell from the outset. So it's not the bad you've done that sends you to Hell. (There's one bad thing you can do that will guarantee you're going to Hell. The one thing is to deny and blaspheme My Holy Spirit.) What sends you to Hell is rebellion. Rebelling against the Holy Spirit urging you to follow Jesus Christ. This is why if you feel the (usually subtle) nudge to come to Christ, (this is the Holy Spirit doing the nudging) DO NOT WAIT ONE DAY TOO LONG TO RESPOND. It may be the last time My spirit bothers to nudge you. By the way, it's no accident you're reading this. THIS IS A NUDGE!

Question: Is there such a place called Purgatory?

GOD - No there is not a "Purgatory" as in a place where your soul goes to be purged of its sins so it can eventually go to Heaven. There is however staging areas where the righteous and unrighteous souls are held until Judgment Day.

Before Jesus resurrected all souls went to Hades. Hades had 2 holding areas separated by a large gulf (a pit) that kept inhabitants of each side in their place. (But they could see each other.) One side was a paradise for those souls who were deemed righteous by their faith. The other side is a place of torment, (but not Hell) for those souls that will be judged to the Lake of Fire. When Jesus died he descended into Hades and brought out the righteous ones to take with him to a new paradise in the heavens (thus you can understand why he told the thief on the cross "That today you will be with me in paradise. He was talking about the paradise in Hades.). OK, so now there is a new staging area in the heavens for righteous souls go directly. The paradise in Hades has been closed, but the place of torment is still receiving unrighteous souls.

On that one special day when Christ returns the souls in the heavenly staging area will come with him and they will reunite with their earthly bodies that rise to the air to meet Jesus. After a short period of end time events the Day of Judgment will come. On that day the souls in Hades will come out and be reunited with their bodies and  with those unrighteous souls that remain alive on earth. All of them will be judged to the Hell that is waiting for them. That is called "The White Throne Judgment". Conversely, the righteous souls will be judged worthy to go to the New Heavens and New Earth I'm going to create. This is called the "Judgment Seat of Christ". I hope this helps your understanding and I hope you're in the right camp on Judgment day.

Question: Which religion is the right one?

Answer: None of them. "Religion" is the worst 4 letter word ever uttered! "Religion" is the Whore of Babylon and all her harlot daughters.  "Religions" are a smoke-and-mirrors created by Satan to muddy the waters and blind the people from the obvious path to salvation. "Religions" are institutions created for false prophets and false teachings. And let me warn you the modern "Christian" church is as perverted as any "religion".  I could go on, but I think I made the point. There is only "The Way". It's not a religion, it's a relationship with God based on trust and faith in His son Jesus Christ. BTW - The "Church" is not a building, the "church" is the spiritual body of Jesus formed by those who have the living Christ residing inside them.

The question is, and has always been, is the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and David the One True God? The answer is Yes. There are no others. Jehovah is the Father. Jehovah is the Son, the Messiah Jesus Christ, savior of men's and women's  souls. The Holy Spirit is Jehovah and the acting agent that calls men to unity in Christ.

Hate the institutions of "Religion" because they're paper tigers the devil uses to incite racism, prejudice, violence, and most of all IGNORANCE of The Way.  As to all the people caught up in these "religions" by choice, environmental exposure, or by heredity, they need love. You're all brothers and sisters. You're all equal in your dire need for Jesus Christ's saving power to enter your hearts and minds.  Pray this for all people of any belief or persuasion. There's no greater love you can give than to help these poor people. Poor in spirit I mean.

Question: Is the Bible really "The Word" of God? It seems so confusing and full of contradictions?

Answer: Yes and No.

Yes, I inspired men and women to write books that would eventually be combined to form a book. (Bible means book.) These books written both in the Old Testament (O.T.) times, and the New Testament (N.T.) times are prophetically linked together by the common thread of Jesus Christ the Messiah. The O.T. perspective looking forward to the first coming of Messiah, and from the N.T. perspective looking past the 1st coming of Messiah to the 2nd coming.. The New Testament is infolded in the Old Testament, and the Old Testament is unfolded in the New Testament. And there are many more books that should've been included, or were included and later removed. But for the most part, the Bible as you know it has all you need to discover Jesus and feed your faith. The King James version is the all around best translation. Most all other translations, especially the newer ones like the NIV are only worth being used as TP. It's also good to have a Greek New Testament, (The N.T. was written in Greek) like the Nestle-Aland edition.

No, because many of the original writings have been altered and watered down either diabolically on purpose, diabolically accidental, or from diabolical ignorance of the original languages and the meanings of their words. What was once clear and understandable has become as confusing as the number of "religions" one can pick from. Satan long ago started to sabotage the writings. He got the Catholic church to do the most damage when first translating the original writings into Latin, and from that error riddled translation many new translations came in different languages compounding the errors.

It's for this reason I said "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing the word of God" Notice I did not say "Faith cometh from reading, and reading the word of God." So the question now becomes "Where can you hear the word of God?" From gifts I gave the world in the form of Preachers, teachers, and evangelists. A gifted preacher will understand the original languages the various books were written in. A gifted preacher can rightly divide the words and make the Bible as understandable as ABC. I can only recommend one such preacher for you at this time. Click Here.  

Question: How do you explain Big Bang Evolution vs. Creationism?

Answer: Simply this: The Gap Theory! The earth has been around for millions of years. I created it, and like clay on the potters wheel, I have destroyed it and recreated it several times. This is what has left the geological, and fauna/flora layering effect the religion of "Science-ism" builds their erroneous theories of big-bang evolution upon.

Properly translated, the Bible starts with telling you the last time I recycled the earth. Verse one: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth." PERIOD! DONE DEAL!  Verse two: "But the earth became without form and void." Verse three starts the new creation you now live on.

It's so simple, and yet it has been made so confusing by Satan and science-ism. What's truly amazing is the "Smart" people choose to believe in Big Bang Evolution which at its premise is impossible. Instead of the obvious design by a creator, they actually find it "smarter" to believe that NOTHING blew up, and from the explosion of NOTHING everything evolved! Talk about faith. BLIND FAITH! Here's what I had to say about these perverts:

 Romans 1: 18-23 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

Visit for more information and links to the best documentation on the subject.

Question: Is it wrong to have sex before marriage?

Answer: Having Sex IS getting Married! It's not the ceremony or license or vows that make a marriage, it's the act of "Consummation" that makes a marriage. Of course it's not wrong to have sex. I built you with that desire and need. But keep in mind you're marrying (Becoming one flesh), with everyone you have sex with. Not only in My eyes, but also in the true sense of the word "Marry". The joining together of two into one. This is a physiological event. Think about it like "Marrying" two bottles of wine. You pour the remaining contents of one bottle into another. Now two have become inseparably one. The same thing happens when you have sex with another person. You're each absorbing essences of the other that transmute your body ever so slightly. Over time (Like a long marriage) you will easily notice that each partner has taken on physical qualities of the other. So in this case "You are who you mate with". FOR AS LONG AS YOU BOTH SHALL LIVE!

Question: What is sin?

Answer: Sin is a law like gravity. They're both pulling you down. Sin is not just evil actions, sin is an evil character flaw resulting in an evil condition that begets evil actions. The word "Sin" comes from the Greek word Hamartia. The Greek language is basically a word picture language, Hamartia is a picture word that describes missing the mark. The picture is that of an archer shooting an arrow at a target. If the arrow did not hit the bull's-eye, the shot was called a sin, it missed the mark, it fell short of perfection. So now you can see why being "good" does not get you to heaven. No one is good, all have missed the mark. It doesn't matter if you barely miss it, or miss it by a mile, it's a miss just the same. So don't pat yourself on the back for being a "good" person. You're just as dead and stinky as the worst of sinners. The only way to break the hold and penalty of sin on your life is to be washed in the shed blood of Jesus, because Jesus was the only man to ever hit the mark every time, from birth to death. He was sinless.

Question: If I believe in Jesus will I go to heaven?

Answer: NO. Even Satan believes in Jesus! Believing in Jesus is just common sense. History knows Jesus existed. To not believe in Jesus is ignorance. The question is "If I believe Jesus is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, preached He was the Messiah, preached He could forgive sins, preached He would be killed and resurrect, and by His shed blood all mankind could have eternal life, will I go to heaven?". The answer to that question is NO! But it is the starting point. ;)

The way to heaven is to be born again, and then live your new life in an active faith in Jesus Christ until your very last breath of earth air.

So now the question is: What does it mean to be born again? I can tell you it's not by a magic prayer, there's no secret formula, and there's nothing you, or anybody can do for you to deserve it. Those who are born again have responded to My calling them to Jesus. John 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.  I don't call everybody. In fact, I don't call most. Those I do call can tell by their curiosity to understand or to find Me. The fact you're reading these very words is a testimony to your calling. A word to the wise: Let this exposure be a blessing to you by responding to the prodding of the Holy Spirit. Ignoring Him will only lead to Him ignoring you.

Being "born again" is an experience of conviction that falls upon the hearts of men and women in different ways. For some the experience is a life shattering event, for most it's a sobering beginning of a new life. In all cases the person finally comes to recognize their "deadness" in sin. No matter what their status or success in life, they come to understand how empty and worthless they are as human beings. They finally admit to themselves they can not control their desires to choose wrong over right. They finally recognize there must be something missing in their very DNA. These are the labor pains of the born again experience, and they are first eased by the act of repentance.

What does it mean to repent? It means to CHANGE YOUR MIND.

To finally admit you're dead in your sins, and to finally ask for, and receive forgiveness for your lifetime of rebellion against God and his son Jesus Christ. This first act of repentance is taking all your sin, all your problems, all your shortcomings, and wrapping them up in a big bundle of burdens and rolling them off your shoulders onto MINE. This is the value of coming under Christ's shed blood. This is what being forgiven does. It moves you out from under your burdens, out from under sin, out from under eternal death.

Your CHANGE OF MIND is just half of the equation. The other half is an action, an action of faithe. "Changing your mind" means nothing if you don't change your way.  Being forgiven of your sins doesn't mean you can now willfully continue in them, it means you must now willfully begin to reject doing them. And this is a process you will never get perfectly right while you're still on earth, but with the help of the Holy Spirit you will get it "righter" as you go. In short, practice makes perfect, eventually.

After repentance asking Jesus to come live in you, and begin to change your corruptible body into incorruption. Like picking up a piece of radioactive material, your body's chemical make-up begins to change. In that case for the worse. The point is, you can't see it happening at first, but it's happening. When you get Christ-life in you, a change even more powerful begins in your body. A change that brings new life, and eternal life. But the physical change is only the icing on the cake, the valuable change is spiritual and eternal. That change comes when your soul and spirit receive that first breathe of life that fills the halls and lights up the temple of your body, it's that part of you which was born empty and dark under sin. Christ-life is Light. And now that light is residing in you. You're now a new life form. You're now born again. You're now a babe in Christ, and like all babies you need the food, nutrition, and guidance to grow up healthy and to sustain you in your journey towards eternal life.

Faith is that food that sustains. Faith is how you keep your connection to the life and light giving power. Faith is the work of Saints. Faith makes the impossible possible. Faith is the birthmark of the born again!

What is faith and how do I "have it"? Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hope for. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Many have misappropriated faith by calling it "belief", and selling it, as "the power of positive thinking". Faith is so much more than positive thinking. Faith is rooted in the promises God made to mankind. Faith is making a connection with those promises and applying them to your life. Faith looks at the circumstances created by sin and Satan right in the eye and saying "God damn you, I'm going through!"

As I said, all are born into sin. Sin is Satan's prison camp. When you're born again and your sins are covered by the blood of Jesus, you're literally being busted out of prison. Now think about that...while a prisoner is in prison he is relatively left alone to serve his time. If that same prisoner escapes what happens? All the prison guards leave the prisoners who are still in lock-up to find that one who escaped. In other words, THE HOUNDS OF HELL ARE SET LOSE TO TRACK YOU DOWN AND DRAG YOU BACK TO PRISON! Being born again is a prison break, and you should expect all Hell to break loose around you. The good news is: 1 John 4:4 "Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world". Meaning, when Jesus is living in you by faith, you're equipped to fight and win the devil and his demons that are in control of the world.

Back to the original question: If I believe in Jesus will I go to heaven? No, it takes more than belief, it takes faith. You can believe an airplane will fly you to another place. Faith means getting on the plane and letting it take you there. Faith is Pistis in the Greek. Pistis is a verb. Christian faith should be spelled like a verb, "Faithe". What is a verb? A verb is an action word. Faith is an Action, based on a Belief, supported by the evidential Circumstances that God keeps His word. That's the ABC's of faithe. The more you act in faithe, the more you can see God working. When you've seen this enough times, pretty soon you're no longer being convinced, but rather you are actively engaging it with the full assurance that God will see you through, and the saving grace of Jesus Christ will continue to be imputed to you as Christ righteousness. Don't wait another second to activate your faithe.
                         How do get Faith? Faith Cometh By Hearing, Hearing The Word Of God.

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