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Who Do I Think I Am?

The Ask God A Question web site is brought to you by the Promised Land Community Church Outreach Ministry. The answers given are provided by the pastor.

Message from the Pastor:

No, I don't think I'm God. But I do think the religious traditions peddled to us throughout the centuries have perverted the real Christian message, and have emasculated God.

The answers given on this site reflect my beliefs in regards to how I think the Real God Of The Bible would answer the questions posted. Your question will be one of thousands received, and will contribute to a most interesting demographic of what people would ask God.

Some readers will be shocked and angered, some will applaud, and some will be blessed, but rest assured, this pastor wants nothing more than for all readers to do some serious thinking about the actuality of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

If your question was not answered, it's likely it had been already addressed in the Frequently Asked Question section.

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Looking Forward,

Addison B. Bachman